Fire Extinguishers NZ offers an extensive range of fire safety equipment and accessories available in New Zealand. 

Buy High Quality Fire Extinguishers At Lowest Prices

A Fire extinguisher is an essential piece of fire fighting equipment intended to extinguish or control small fires in different emergencies. All our fire extinguishers are current year, brand new and comply with New Zealand Standards.


Other Fire Safety Products

Fire Extinguishers NZ offers fire fighting equipment to all areas of New Zealand. In addition to the products below, we also offer a full range of fire blankets, signage,  emergency lighting and more.


Proper fire fighting equipment is essential in the event of a fire. There are many different types of fire fighting equipment in New Zealand that’s readily available to the general public and trained professionals. You can find what you need right here!

Fire Hose Reels, Cabinets And Accessories

A Fire Hose Reel is the perfect first-attack piece of fire equipment for all industrial, residential and commercial buildings throughout New Zealand. Designed to fight class A fires, a fire hose can prevent severe damages to property and human life.


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