Types of Fire Extinguishers NZ

fire extinguisher use chart

What Are The Five Main Types Of Fire Extinguisher Found In NZ? The fire extinguishers in New Zealand are a little different from the ones you find in other countries. It’s important to be aware of the different kinds of extinguishers and which fires they are best suited for. It’s easy to differentiate between different […]

How To Use A Fire Blanket

Man Using A Fire Blanket

Did you know that approximately one of four residential fires start in the kitchen? This fact alone should indicate how important it is to own and know how to use your fire blanket. What Is A Fire Blanket? A fire blanket is a sheet made from a malleable material such as wool or woven fibreglass. All fire blankets are treated […]

Fire Extinguisher Band Colours: What Do They Mean?

fire extinguisher use chart

Not all fires are equal – some chemicals are more efficient at putting out certain types of fires Where combustible substances vary in your office or workplace, so should the contents of your fire extinguishers. Knowing fire extinguisher colour codes are important to safety and wellbeing. It can be the difference between completely putting out […]